What is it to be Generous?

Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion – Dalai Lama


The Power of Environment – Energy Drains

Guard your energy space and who you spend your free time with. Signs you are being drained:
1. You have a headache after speaking with them.
2. You spend more time “helping” them than they do themselves.
3. They lie to everyone…including you, and don’t seek help.

(From theburnedhand.com)

Freedom to Live

The hurt caused by the opinions and judgements of others can restrict and damage your sense of self-worth. How can we be free then from self-doubt and injury and live from a greater place of strength, integrity and freedom?

How to really live Life

It occurred to me today that the thing I wanted to know most in life, was really just how to live it. – How am I really supposed to live life? I mean, without getting drawn into the traps and shortfalls of day-to-day life whilst chasing this gain or that win. Whenever I’ve tried to…


Are your peers propelling you forward, or dragging you back?