This blog is dedicated to my journey through life. I am a mother of two beautiful amazing children and a lover of the Divine. My raison d’être is to live my life to the best of my ability and to honour the roles and challenges I have been given.

To fulfil my duty, my dharma, with full heart and devotion, whatever the task at hand might be. To be the best mother I possibly can be and to be the best human being I can be. And most of all perhaps is to honour this life that I have graciously been given and give my wonderful children the best gift I know how to – to see the magic in their own lives.

The path to-date has been easy and arduous in equal amounts. There have been phases of unparalleled happiness, peace, ease, joy with endless days of sunshine, blue skies and sparkling aqua-marine seas rolling out into the infinite distance  and magical nights with galaxies of twinkling stars studding the infinite luxurious sky above. Days, weeks, months and years almost when I look back and I could not have been happier. Whether it rained or shined, whether it blew a snowstorm or the outside world froze over, life was so good on the inside. When it seemed in so many ways that I had almost everything I had ever wished for.

And equally there have been dark periods of unparalleled fear, pain and intense sorrow, such that one’s heart might literally break and the spirit threaten abandonment forever. Endless days and nights and weeks and months …and even years… when the hardship would not end and I wondered what horrors I had committed to have to endure so much… and the all-consuming fear that the traumas and difficulties would not end and there was no end in sight… that we would live in perpetual fear and danger and limitation… times where there seemed no way out even though there was never any option of giving in or giving up either…

Yet, by the grace of God, I have come through it all. For gradually, things have improved, by and by, sometimes slowly, sometimes in leaps and bounds. And here I stand now, blessed in so many ways and determined to live a fuller life than ever before. The challenges are not over yet, but I live with greater hope in my heart and a fuller appreciation for the gifts and freedoms and blessings I have been given in abundance increasingly. I see the sun shine more brightly now than ever before and I recognise that everything that is happening, has ever happened, has always been for my highest good and benefit – and not only mine, for all those that I love and cherish also.

I am gradually coming to realise the progress that life offers through all of life’s difficulties. And that challenges exist to be overcome. Sometimes with relative ease, and at other times with more insight, growth and devotion needing to be thrown into the pot. We succeed or seemingly fail to the extent that we resist life and the lessons it’s offers.

I see now that challenges are the fodder of life and I know that they will ebb and flow in life and with life.  I see now that mine come to elevate me, and I devote myself to their divine service. They are various and diverse. Some that I have been struggling a lifetime to master! And some that are new and fresh and command all of my resources. Some that are the remnants of my period of change and difficulty, and these are the ones that I must clean up first and foremost. For they hold the greatest lessons for me and the greatest opportunities for growth and perseverance and happiness.

Within every pain and difficulty, lies a precious gift. I am beginning to see this in so many ways now. My once darkest hour, has somehow turned into the light that guides my life. For within me now, I recognise lies the wisdom of the ages and infinite love and magic. I am not special in any way, other than I reflect the potential and magic inherent in every human being alive. In everyone and everything in this magical world in which we live.

My blog is my journey, my way of taking off the glasses of limitation and unhelpful conditioning, and to see the world and life in it’s full majestic technicolour glory.

This is my humble attempt to be the best I can be and develop the best life I can, for my amazing children, for my family and for myself. And for my beloved Divine, who has been with me all along, I just never noticed His constant presence deep within my own heart until now…

In the posts that follow, you will see my energies directed to various areas of my life, Love, Money, Parenting, Health, Food, Personal Development as I try to bring these all into balance and follow the calls of my soul. Without insight and reflection, progress is slow and stunted, so I offer this gift of journalling and questioning to myself and pray that you may benefit also in any small or large pearls of wisdom that reveal themselves in the process. May the Light illuminate our way…