The Power of Environment – Energy Drains

Today I really felt the power of environment. And not in a good way. It’s 5.18 in the morning and exhausted, my mind still struggles to switch off. Sleep does not feel safe. My day has not been safe.

Why, what happened? Nothing dramatic. But I spent the day – the whole day – surrounded by people whose day to day lives and actions are led by their passions. Their desires for material enjoyment in one sense or another. People who know not their own powerful intrinsic worth – who do not see and therefore cannot honour the Divinity, my beloved Lord of Love in their own hearts.

I find myself exhausted, making sub-optimal decisions, doubting myself and feeling very scared. Ignoring self-care and acting irresponsibly towards myself, my responsibilities and own personal goals and ambitions in life.

Let this be a lesson. Guard your energy space!!! Guard who you spend time with, where you go and who you exchange energy with, even through casual conversation. People will unwittingly bring you down before you’ve even recognised that you’re caught up in their lower consciousness energy patterns.

Its nobody’s fault. These people aren’t bad or evil in anyway. They’re just living at a lower level of consciousness – and I must guard against being sucked down when the numbers outweigh my own so heavily.

Let me stay immersed in my world of light, love, peace and prosperity. Let me stay in the energy of my favourite temple where I am reminded that the Lord of Love lives in my own heart. Let me stay immersed in the power and positive energy of my prayers and mantras and the scriptures. Let me stayed connected with great and noble souls through my books and online. Let me return home to my beloved where I am truly safe emotionally, mentally and spiritually.