Tapping – Basic Steps

A friend of mine suffering some shoulder pain and wanting to be free, asked me about tapping and what words to use. Whilst I’m still mastering the process myself, this is what I’ve learnt so far from my teachers and from the fabulous Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica (check out TheTappingSolution.com for more resources).

As far as I’ve gathered so far, these are the basic steps once you’re familiar with the tapping points. Please do feel free to leave comments if there are any corrections/refinements that you feel the below would benefit from.

Oh, and happy tapping!

Basic Process

1. Decide on the issue you want to work on eg the pain, and rate it 0-10 for intensity. (It can be helpful to write this number down as you’ll be checking in with it again later.)

2 Say the set-up statement whilst tapping on the karate-chop point. Eg
“Even though I feel this pain, I truly and deeply love and accept myself.
Even though I’m in so much pain and it’s really frustrating, I fully love and accept myself.
Even though it hurts so much, and I hate it and it’s totally getting in the way of me getting things done, I fully accept how I feel and I deeply love and accept myself. ”
(Usually 3 times as in example)

3. Do 3 rounds (or more if necessary) of Truth Tapping. This is where you’re just focusing on the pain as you tap, and at each point just speak out the truth of what your feeling, whatever it is. How much it hurts, exactly where the pain is, how frustrating it is, the worries that are coming up for you. Just keep tapping and saying whatever comes up for you.
This is a way to honour the truth of what your feeling and it’s incredibly liberating and empowering.

As you continue to tap, depending on how deep the issues are, you will notice a shift in your thinking. Even if you don’t, you can still move on to the next phase…

4. Start a round of “What If” tapping.
Eg “What if I could just start to let go of these worries…
What if I could let go of the frustration…
What if I could be free of all this tension…”

Etc,. It’s difficult to be more specific through this general guidance, as obviously you need to tailor the wording to match whatever had come up for you. The What-If tapping begins to loosen up the problem and open you up to new possibilities.

5. Start to do a round or more of “Letting Go” tapping.
Eg “Letting go of these worries now…
Letting go of all the fears, all the tension that’s built up in my body and shoulders now…
Letting go of all the frustration, all the unmet expectations, all the fear and the anger now….
Letting go of all the tension that’s built up in my body, freeing my muscles and cells of all the stress over so many weeks, months, years now….
Letting go of all the baggage, all the demands, all the external and internal expectations.
Letting go of the fear that there’s not enough time and that I can’t do it all.
Letting go of the need to succeed or the need to please.
Letting go of this burden that I’ve been carrying for so so long and that has been weighing me down ”

6. Now start to tap on a positive round of what you want to feel.
Eg “Allowing myself to be free and light.
Allowing myself to relax, totally relax, deeply deeply relax… and know that it will all be done and the Universe has already seen to it.
Allowing myself to trust in the process of life and love and the Universe and know that I and my family will be deeply taken care of.
Allowing myself to succeed in life and move ahead with my work.
Feeling relaxed and clear.
Feeling strong and peaceful and resourceful.
Feeling centred and clear.
Trusting that I can manage all the most important things and that all the rest doesn’t matter.
Feeling free and clear…”
7. Take 3 deep breathes in and out.
And rate the initial issue you started out working on, using the same scale 0-10.

This will give you an indication of whether more tapping is necessary or not.

As always with any of this kind of work (or in life in general!) listen deeply to your intuition and let it guide you.
The words in each section I’ve given as examples above are just that – they come from my own mind trying to understand what you might be going through. However you should replace these with whatever is coming up for you personally. The more specific and true the words are to what you’re experiencing, the more powerful the transformation.

It’s not possible to say how many rounds you will need to go through to be completely pain free, it depends on the number and depth of the issues underlying the pain. But know this for sure, with each round of tapping, just by saying and feeling what’s true for you, you are honouring yourself and freeing yourself of pain at all levels, increasingly….





  1. Raffaella says:

    Dear Maithili, I just read in the FB Tapping group from your most recent post
    that you were about to start your blog on the spot!
    Your writing is extremely inspiring and supporting, I wish you well and wanted to congratulate you, I will be following you.


    1. maithili482 says:

      Oh my gosh, you’ve just brought tears to my eyes (the good kind!) and at a time when I needed a lift very much too. Thank you so much Raffaella for such kindness and support, you are deeply appreciated.
      Sending you so much love and gratitude,
      Maithili xxx


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